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Help this #PissedOffMom make a difference in our community

Yes, I am angry. I woke up to a reality on November 9, 2016 that I did not conceive could have happened. Donald Trump was the newly-elected President, and I was truly in shock, and I was angry. I was not angry about a Republican winning the election. What angered me was that a person that worked on dividing the country, that attacked the disabled, that advocated for violence at his rallies, that said and encouraged racist stereotypes, reveled in  xenophobia, and demonstrated an utter lack of respect for women and the LGBTQ community had found enough support to win the election. I was in disbelief that the person in the highest position in the country, who is supposed to represent the country to the rest of the world, stood for everything I stood against. I was also in disbelief of the supporters, and those who attempted to justify their support that were willing to say that the racism was not a dealbreaker; the mocking of the disabled was not a dealbreaker; the xenophobia was not a dealbreaker; the misogynist statements were not a dealbreaker; the attacks on LGBTQ persons was not a dealbreaker. It was apparent that Trump had reached his goal, and had divided the nation- there were his supporters and then those like you and me- it came down to a difference in core values and beliefs.  

Prior to that day, I had always been a strong advocate for equality, inclusion and respect of others. I was also a strong advocate for access to health care, as my family has had to face significant health issues with my daughter, and facing the reality she was born with a “pre-existing condition” that would forever affect a concept called her “insurability”. That fight for me is still ongoing, as it becomes fresh in my mind whenever there is talk of repealing all or part of the Affordable Health Care Act- I still cannot fathom what could be more basic and human than making sure people and children have the chance to live their lives. 


We have now endured almost a full term of this administration. There hasn’t been, nor was there ever going to be, any “pivot” to the center or attempt to reach out. If anything,the worst tendencies have been magnified, and we have seen a daily dose of lies, misleading statements, poor decisions, school yard bully tactics, and questionable behavior. We have seen families separated at the border, seen children placed in cages, and attacks on the media attempting to report on these events.  

I ask that you join us. I am one voice. You are one voice. We do not have to agree on everything, but we can agree that where our country is now is not one in which we want to have, or to pass along to our children and the next generation. Our voices together will make a powerful sound and movement for change. Use your voice and stand with us as we fight to bring people together. We are no longer looking at history books to learn about equal rights and representation- we are in the midst of history ourselves, and this is the time … right now … to use your voice and not remain silent.