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Community Activist | Passion-Experience-Leadership
Help this #PissedOffMom make a difference in our community

I'm a pinky toe Democrat and a #PissedOffMom #DoingMyJob to stand up against fascism.


A year before the Presidential election I started to get nervous about Trump's rhetoric, so much so that I tried to become a delegate to the Democratic convention. I lost the vote to become a delegate, but I never lost my passion and commitment to help my community.


After Hillary won the nomination I called, canvassed, and did whatever I could to help the election. When Hillary lost I knew that I had to work harder to be a voice of change in my community.

I have pretty much been an educated voter my entire life -- but that was it. After the election I decided I needed to step out of my comfort zone and become active. I haven't stopped. I wanted to know who was responsible for this debacle in the White House and in Florida, at the state level and local level. I wanted to be a voice of reason and change.

Prior to the past presidential election I believed that my job as a mom was to make sure my child was provided a loving home and a good education. To make sure that my child was given food and clothing, kept healthy, and most of all loved. I know now that my job as a mom is much more.


I must work harder to make sure my child has all of these things in her future as well as the ability to grow up in a community free of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, Islamapobia, anti-semitism, ableism, ageism, elitism, homophobia or misogyny. My child deserves to live in a world without war and full of lots of economic opportunity. I want her to love who she wants and be whatever she wants to be. I want her to use her freedom of speech and religion to grow her values or morals. I want her to believe in our country's justice system and feel free to challenge the system as her right. I want this for her and for all children.

I am not running for office at this time because I love being a mom and a geeky marketing gal and working with my clients for their printing and promotional product needs at Kaylin Printing and Promotional Products.


I'm the W016 precinct captain for the Democratic Party in Broward and want to be a voice for positive change in the democratic party and in my community.


I need your help. I am looking to build a volunteer team to help my efforts to be a voice for change. I am asking for a few hours a month. No more, no less. Can you help? We need to get folks engaged in the community on progressive issues and eventually get them heading to the voting booth. Let's make calls, send texts and emails, have house parties, and hit the streets. 

Will you help this #PissedOffMom be a changemaker for our community? 

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