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Pembroke Pines Mayor and Commissioners:
Do your job, protect the wetlands, and stop over-development.

Currently there is a proposal being considered by the Mayor and City Commissioners of Pembroke Pines to develop on and near protected wetlands. A developer wants to build 48+ new townhomes on a preserve and is asking the mayor and commissioners to rezone the land to residential zoning. Furthermore, this land is currently being occupied by all types of birds and wildlife that are native to Florida. A hearing on this matter is set to be heard on April 21st but public comments must be received by Monday April 19th.

Please take 1 (one) minute to send an instant message to these officials to stop over-developing and do your job of mitigating the development that is in place by securing the well-being of residents.

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Call now and ask them to advocate for the preserve and stop over-developing: 

Mayor Frank Ortis,; Tel: 954-450-1030
Commissioner Angelo Castillo, , Tel: 954-450-1030
Commissioner Jay Schwartz,, Tel: 954-450-1030
Commissioner Thomas Good,, Tel: 954-450-1030
Commissioner Iris Siple,, , Tel: 954-450-1030

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