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💙 Broward for Progress Newsletter: August 2021💙 

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Shout out to everyone who joined us for our monthly meeting last night. If you missed it, no worries. Here is a recap of what's happening at Broward for Progress/Florida Voices for Progress and how you can help build progressive power in our community:

Make sure to bookmark and share this page with family and friends: Here you will find a handy tool that lets you register-to-vote anywhere in the USA. This page also allows you to request your vote-by-mail ballot or look up your voting location. Every single person in the state of Florida should update their voter registration and their vote-by-mail request.

Democracy is action. It is more than just voting or saying that you are for something, it is showing up and speaking out for issues on a daily basis.


Polls show that the general public believes that democratic leaders and members are too quiet and play it too safe when it comes to speaking out and showing up for issues. How often do we hear that democrats only show up for voter registration or get out the vote efforts?

If you are a member of a club, caucus, or organization in this state and they are not growing their membership, then you are on a sinking ship. Move somewhere were the energy is new, where people have hope, where people believe change can happen, and where there is momentum. If the leaders and members of the groups you are in, are quiet and do not speak out on publicly and/or on social media for issues, dump them!

If you want to keep the 20 year loss momentum going here in Florida then stay where you are and keep doing what you are doing.

Speaking of showing up and speaking out, what types of things can you do? Well before we tackle that question, let's address the elephant in the room. What happened to the 200,000 volunteers in the last major race here in Florida? Candidates deserve our help, we know that to be true especially here in Florida where our candidates are notoriously outspent by republicans. Also where is the collective power of the parties in this state? That being said, please share your time, treasure, and talents with groups that continue to build long-term power. Don't put all your resources into candidates or parties who could lose their race, squander their donors and volunteers power, and go home. It's worth repeating this statement: If you are a member of a club, caucus, or organization in this state and they are not growing their membership, then you are on a sinking ship. Move somewhere were the energy is new, where people have hope, where people believe change can happen, and where there is momentum and where there can be long term collective power.

To learn more about destructive anti-voting bills visit: and

You can show up and speak out for issues by joining one of our upcoming events. We post events and share partner events as well here:

You can show up and speak out for issues by joining one of our calls-to-actions. Calls-to-actions include petitions, letter writing campaigns, twitter storms, and more. I would like to point out that any action we ask you to take is data safe. We do not share your data with anyone. We use the email list to invite you to events or actions, and you can opt-out at anytime. We do send emails by constant contact, action network, and mobilize depending on the event or action you have signed up for. Additionally we are members of the Indivisible Florida Network and may invite you to their events and actions as well. They also do not share their data (not even with Indivisible national) and again you can always opt-out.

We can help move progress forward when we are all taking actions here:

Does writing letters, sending petitions, making calls, etc, make a difference?

Yes! The picture above of Ana one of our co-leaders is a great example of the collective power of all of our members. This is not an endorsement because Broward for Progress and the Florida Voices for Progress does not do endorsements (you are always able to ask fellow members or leaders for their opinions) but it demonstrates the power of grassroots organizing when Ana (and Laurie) were invited to a candidate roundtable and here Ana was able to share her powerful story and we spoke on behalf of all of you. That happened because of all of you taking action with letters, petitions, making calls, and sharing on social media our events and calls-to-actions. You showing up and speaking out puts all of us where we should be: front and center in front of leaders with our issues. They work for us.

Messaging matters! Stop helping spread DeSantis, Rubio, or Gaetz's messaging. Our messaging should always address the question "how will this affect me and my family?"

Too often we see our side, quick to share articles with photos of these bozo's smiling. Most people scrolling will not read the headline or the story, but they will remember those smiling faces. Also stop insulting or shaming. Point out the incompetency but lean in with our values. Example:

DeSantis has failed the families of Florida. All of us can agree, that regardless of where we live, the money we earn, or the color of our skin, we should be able to be free to thrive and vote. The mass Covid deaths, unemployment, housing crisis, and dead fish on our beaches, show the continued crisis we are in. Families, working people, and the retires of this state deserve a leader paying attention to these issues not off fundraising for a possible run to be president. #DemandBetterFL

FLORIDA: Democracy Can't Wait Rally

Tuesday, August 10th from 12 – 1pm EDT

Sign-up here:

Save the date: MarchOn for Voting Rights - Saturday August 28th, 2021

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King led 250,000 people on a historic March On Washington. There, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, calling on the nation to rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. At the time, Black Americans were living under the tyranny of laws—called “Jim Crow” laws— that legalized racial discrimination. His speech that day has become one of the defining moments in American history.

Today, state legislatures are pushing America back to the Jim Crow era with laws that reinstate systemic discrimination at the ballot box. That is why, on August 28, 2021—58 years to the day after his father’s march—Martin Luther King III will help to lead Americans on another march to demand federal voting rights protection.

Marching is a form of nonviolent protest, and protest is a form of democratic expression older than America itself. We march to shine the light of truth on what is happening in state legislatures, ensure that Americans understand what’s at stake, and give people a mechanism to demand action on this most urgent issue of our generation. More information here:

National Call in Day is Wednesday August 4th. Call 1.888.453.3211 to be connected to your Senator’s office. Tell them - Congress must pass the For the People Act before going home for Congressional Recess.

We will also be emailing you talking points and click to tweets for #RecessCanWait Our democracy can't.

The For the People Act must be passed and signed into law before the end of summer in order to go into effect before the 2022 midterms, and to prevent the drawing of hyper-partisan maps that threaten to disenfranchise voters, especially voters of color, for the next decade. The For the People Act would also make voting safer and more accessible, combat government corruption, get big money out of politics, and allow everyday people to run for office – not just millionaires and billionaires.

Congress must pass the For the People Act and cannot let anything stand in its way, including the Jim Crow filibuster. The Senate cannot leave for congressional recess without passing the For the People Act, even if that means delaying recess. #RecessCanWait – our democracy can’t.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis turned down billions of dollars and left out millions of people when given a chance at Medicaid expansion. We now have a real opportunity to bring Medicaid expansion to Florida but need your help. Did you know the American Rescue Plan created incentives for the 14 states to join the rest of the country and expand Medicaid immediately, covering millions of Americans, creating over 1 million jobs, and adding more than $350 billion to their local economies over the next 3 years?

Of course, Republicans are doing whatever they can to stop it from happening. The good news is we can expand medicaid without them.

In fact, two of those states - Missouri and Oklahoma - already did it!

Here in Florida, we do not need the Governor or the two Senators to get this done!!

Can you send a message to Expand Medicaid now:

Tell the Secretary of Education to protect our children because Governor DeSantis is refusing to do so

Governor DeSantis is putting our children, teachers, and community at risk when local health officials and leaders have made a decision for their county. Help us send a message:

Broward for Progress is doing a school supplies drive to help our community. A lot of people are still struggling and we want to make sure our local teachers and students have enough. We are collecting school supplies for at need students, teachers, and schools.

You can drop off supplies or purchase supplies on our Amazon wishlist and we will deliver it for you. Via Amazon wishlist:

Send a message: Congress should include a pathway to citizenship in the budget reconciliation package

All 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. should have a pathway to citizenship.

During the pandemic, roughly 23 million immigrants—including 5 million undocumented people—served as health care workers, public health and safety workers, food system workers and farmworkers. Some are Dreamers, brought here as children. Others are here legally due to war or natural disasters in their countries of origin. At the very least, these essential workers, Dreamers, and those fleeing disasters should be provided a pathway to citizenship without more delay.

Call, click, post, and share.

Can you commit to once a day to make 1 call, make 1 click, 1 social media post, and 1 share? Our daily campaigns vary: one day it could be fighting the filibuster, the next day we are advocating for voting rights. We are asking for a daily commitment of about 5-10 minutes per day. Please join us to build collective power. Sign-up here:

In September we are starting up our phone banks and neighborhood canvassing. Please sign-up here:


Happy dance! We are starting up again with postcards to voters. Sign-up here:

NON-PARTISAN EVENT: Advocacy for home rule and why some state preemption is hurting Florida

Thursday, August 12th 7 – 8pm EDT Signup here:

Florida: My Story by Rebekah Jones

Thursday, September 9th 7 – 8pm EDT Signup here:

Progressive Issues Activism

Click here to sign-up:

Labor Forum presented by LCA (Labor Community Alliance)

Click here to sign-up:

To connect with Broward for Progress, please follow us at:





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