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We cannot normalize obstruction.

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

We cannot normalize obstruction.

We cannot normalize a hostile foreign power corrupting our election system.

There are more crimes that need to be revealed. And prevented.

We cannot politicize the constitution by worrying about the effects of an impeachment inquiry on future elections or what the Senate may or may not do.

Our founders in their brilliance created the impeachment process as a means of ensuring that no one is above the law. We must follow their lead and put our country over party. An impeachment inquiry does not mean an impeachment will be attempted, happen, succeed, or fail. An impeachment inquiry is simply a process of discovery. The American people deserve the right to discover more about instances of obstruction and election interference.

I will reiterate that we cannot cower in fear of the unknown. We cannot simply say “register to vote and go vote” in response to these crimes. It is a given that any person of good moral values that cares about their community can and must do their civic duty of voting.

But this is not about civic duty. This is about crimes that have been committed in and upon our nation, in our communities, and in the halls of our institutions. If we look the other way and ignore these crimes then we too are now complicit. We too leave an open invitation for more crimes of this nature.

We cannot ask people to come out to vote if we as a nation have not stood up for the rule of law. The current mindset by Democrats is that voters will mobilize in 2020 in Florida because they despise Trump and what the GOP has done to this nation. I would submit that type of thinking is what has given Florida democrats losses for over 20 years. A rigorous hearing on impeachment dispels the current thinking of folks that 1) Democrats are incompetent 2) Trump is innocent 3) the Senate is corrupt and voting doesn’t matter

Currently, more than 135 House members support impeachment, and yet the only Congressional representatives in South Florida who have come out in favor of impeachment inquiry hearings is Debbie Mucarsel Powell and Ted Deutch. Only 2 out of 8 members.

South Florida members of Congress Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Shalala, Lois Frankel, Mario Diaz Balart, Frederica Wilson, and Alcee Hastings have not called for an impeachment inquiry. All will be facing re-election, and the question of defending the rule of law is paramount to getting voters to come out.

How can any of the above mentioned members of Congress campaign for democracy if they look the other way as our country is being attacked by a hostile foreign power? How can any of the above mentioned members of Congress campaign for democracy if they are unwilling to defend our nation against crimes committed by the highest offices of our nation?

Each member of congress has a job to do, and crimes against our nation warrant a swift response. Every member of congress must clearly state that they want robust impeachment hearings to begin immediately.

Anything short of this is an affront to our nation, its principles, and its people.

Respectfully submitted, Laurie Woodward Garcia

Please join me for a TWITTER STORM to encourage representatives to #DoYourJob for ROBUST IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS TO BEGIN IMMEDIATELY; #ImpeachNow
Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz CLICK HERE Representative Alcee Hastings CLICK HERE Representative Donna Shalala CLICK HERE Representative Lois Frankel CLICK HERE Representative Frederica Wilson CLICK HERE Representative Mario Diaz Balart CLICK HERE

Hint: If your representative as not gone on record for impeachment, feel free to use one of the above links and copy/paste in your representatives twitter handle! Make sure to add the period before their name like this: .@browardprogress

Let’s do this!

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