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FLORIDA Postcards To Voters is a group of volunteers who write postcards to targeted voters in the hope of increasing turnout in close, key elections across the country. We do this in our homes, with friends, and in our communities.

Postcard to Voters Instructions

Where to get Postcards - You can use plain cardstock or order cards from Amazon, the designs are entirely up to you. 

Where to get Stamps - You can order postcards stamps here.

Where to get Addresses - You can get addresses below in the campaign section.

Postcard tips- 

Please write legibly and avoid using cursive script

Do not sign your last name

Address to “Our Friends at”, “Our Neighbors at”, “Essential Voters”, “VIP Voters”, etc.

Feel free to make your postcards colorful

When you purchase stamps, make sure to get the postcard stamps, which are cheaper than the standard ones.

Current Campaigns (where to get addresses and what to write)

Florida You can send postcards here with Broward for Progress.

Vote FWD You can send letters here with Vote Forward. 

Reclaim Our Vote When you sign-up to do postcards with Broward for Progress we will also send you information for doing postcards with Reclaim Our Vote. 

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Voter Registration - By Party Affiliation

Totals reflect the number of active registered voters in the State of Florida.

Data as of May 31, 2022.

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