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Postcard to Voters Instructions

You can use plain cardstock or order cards from Etsy or Amazon, the designs are entirely up to you.

Please use our sample scripts:

Vote like your life depends on it! Our Democracy is at stake! Please VOTE for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3, 2020. For your health and safety, we encourage you to Vote-by-Mail (no later than October 15th so it arrives on time) or go to Early Voting (October 19 Through November 1). Vote el 3 de Noviembre por Demócratas. More info:

Your vote is your voice! There has never been a more important election in our lives! We encourage you to Vote-by-Mail (no later than October 15th so it arrives on time) or go Vote Early (October 19 Through November 1) for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the upcoming presidential election. Vote el 3 de Noviembre por Demócratas. More info:

Please write legibly and avoid using cursive script

Do not sign your last name

Address to “Our Friends at”, “Our Neighbors at”, “Essential Voters”, “VIP Voters”, etc.

Feel free to make your postcards colorful

Please include the Spanish line as this outreach is specifically targeting Latinx voters, as well as our web address:

When you purchase stamps, make sure to get the 35 cent postcard stamps, which are cheaper than the standard ones.

We ask that our volunteers hang onto their postcards until September 28 at which time you can mail them. We are keeping our eye on the situation with the Post Office and will revise that date if necessary.

Please email for more addresses. Please note you must be   signed up as a volunteer to receive addresses. Sign-up here.

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Postcards To Voters is a group of volunteers who write postcards to targeted voters in the hope of increasing turnout in close, key elections across the country. 

As of December 31, 2019 the state of Florida had


4,986,520 Registered Democrats

3,641,359 Registered No Party Affiliation 

4,761,405 Registered Republicans 

As of December 31, 2019 Broward County had


589,453 Registered Democrats

334,002 Registered No Party Affiliation 

249,220 Registered Republicans 

We need to reach out to voters to remind them how much their vote means.  We need to get back to basics and hand write our neighbors and let them know how much WE NEED Them!  An added benefit is we have fun!

Join us for Postcards to Voters

New to postcards to voters? Don't have postcards? Don't worry! We mostly chat about current events and share information on our current postcard campaign. This is our virtual coffee house hour to catch up on what's happening and work towards making a difference in our community. Join us online for Postcards to Voters. We meet every Friday at 9am. We need each other now more than ever as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis and continue to fight for democracy. Once you sign-up, a zoom invite link will be provided. Sign up today and we will connect you with events, how to start a group in your area information, or volunteer opportunities. Let's Flip Florida Together.