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Join us for a No Hate, No Wall, No Xenophobia, and No Power Grabs by Trump: Congress Do Your Job and Protect Our Democracy Rally.

Trump’s undemocratic power grab to secure his racist border wall is a direct attack on our democracy and on immigrant families. Terrifyingly, this declaration could allow him to seize massive emergency powers to erode the foundations of our democracy, increase funding for more anti-immigrant policies, and launch more attacks on our communities.

Let’s be clear: Trump is the real national emergency. In crisis moments like this—when a president abuses power so egregiously—how the citizenry responds in the immediate aftermath can shape the course of our country’s history.

Our response in the minutes and hours following a power grab will dictate what happens next, and whether Congress—the only body with the constitutional power and obligation to rein Trump in from his rampage—will do anything to stand up to him.

This would be our moment to stand up to protect our democracy. Let's mobilize to show that we won't let Donald Trump become the authoritarian that he aspires to be.

Join us on Monday, February 18th, at 11am at the Federal Courthouse located at 299 East Broward Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. Event is from 11am to 1pm.

Together, we will say NO to Trump’s power grabs, NO to his racist border wall, NO to xenophobia, and NO to hate.

Text RESIST to 33222 to get alerts.

#FakeNationalEmergency #DefundHate

If you choose to attend an event, you agree to engage in nonviolent, peaceful action, to act lawfully, and to strive to de-escalate any potential confrontations with those who may disagree with our values.

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