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image of Broward for Progress community meeting


If you have not made a plan to vote, please do so now. The ballot is extremely long and we do not recommend waiting until election day to vote.


Looking for the early voting sites? Click here for Broward , Click here for Miami Dade .


If you are looking for ballot recommendations on the amendments: CLICK HERE FOR LAURIE'S PROGRESSIVE AND MOMMY RECOMMENDATION or the other groups


If you are voting on election day, you must vote at your precinct. To find that location: CLICK HERE


If you want to make sure you are registered to vote: CLICK HERE


Here are the transportation options you can use or recommend to folks looking to get to the polls: UBER and LYFT have a discounted service. Broward county is offering free busses on Saturday to encourage folks to do early voting.


If you want to make sure your ballot was received: CLICK HERE


Lastly, if you can help with phone calls (even a few will help) please complete the volunteer sign up form and I can send you out the virtual phone bank information.


Install this app on your phone to connect with your friends to vote: Outvote and VotewithMe

Sign the Petition: Stop ICE from stealing our Freedom of Speech and Right to Assemble


Mail #DefendFlores letters to DHS to tell them that detained immigrant children deserve proper medical care and safe living conditions. CLICK HERE

Encourage folks to request a vote by mail ballot or do early voting.​  

Check out the ballot recommendations by various groups.

Complete the volunteer form CLICK HERE

​Start your virtual phone banking (see or call Laurie for link)



Donate to MoveOn and Indivisible

​Join us for phone banking and door knocking:

Saturday at 9:30 am we help our endorsed candidates, Andrew Gillum and Mary Barzee Flores, with canvassing and phone banking. Volunteer staging office: 2300 W 84th St Hialeah, FL 33016

Sunday at 10am we will help our endorsed candidate, Andrew Gillum, with canvassing and phone banking, at Whole Foods Cafe area. 1 4956 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

Our community is building progressive power and we need you!


Quick Links:

Brief Introduction: CLICK HERE

Nobody is Above the Law;

     Mueller Firing: CLICK HERE


Ballot Information: CLICK HERE

Please support: CLICK HERE

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